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Adept I

Settings asking me to upgrade to an older version?

I've been getting an issue reported by other users where the Radeon Settings keep telling me an update is available when I'm already on the current stable/recommended version. I gave up and upgraded to the next one up the other day and switched on this evening to be told there was another update available.

Thing is, I'm on 19.1.1 and it's telling me that there's an "upgrade" available to 18.12.2. That... doesn't make sense. That's a downgrade. Also, the version in the tooltip doesn't correspond to the version number listed for update (see screenshot).

The 19.1.1 update was done using a clean install, as I always do.

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Adept I

I have the same issue, in addition my computer freezes with either update now. Does yours freeze too?


Love it when people just post a link to an article where is basically calls users novices for misinterpreting the misleading notifications. The first thing I do when I have an issue is revert and do a case study on what is happening when certain things are installed, and then I pick and choose. Eventually I get lucky with the right combinations. From what I've found so far is that you may need to install Relive, chill, the enhanced sync, etc... all that extra jazz you may think you don't want, but you don't have to enable it and by default it should wait for you to apply the enabled status to them after your post install restart. I have multiple monitors and the last time I installed Relive or config the Eyefinity it "broke" due to my monitor config, so I had gone with out those and it seems they may be more interconnected now. Again, I'm using 19.1.1 with all the side apps installed, but currently disabled and it seems to be OK after the 5th clean and install. I imagine some settings just aren't getting the message.


You obviously didn't read the post...thanks for your input.

The post acknowledges the issue, tries to isolate the cause/trigger/ and advise everyone to report it to AMD.

Listed as fixed but 19.1.1 still suggesting old Radeon Software


I don't understand, why is everyone so hyped about this??? I mean Does it really matter that the recommended is showing 18.12.2?? I mean just leave it as it is, whats the big deal??

Community Manager

We have several threads on this issue already, please use the thread provided below to share your feedback.

Listed as fixed but 19.1.1 still suggesting old... | Community