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Journeyman III

Rx6700XT streaming overlays discolored on dx12/desktop

I have overlays getting the wrong colors (discoloring) whenever I try to stream a game with DX12 or when i stream my desktop.
The issue is not visible on MY screen, but the encoder clearly encodes these overlays in the wrong colors.. it's blue-shifted.. I didn't have this issue with my RX580, but since i upgraded to the RX6700XT i'm having this problem...
I've even done a full clean reinstall of windows, still the issue persists..
I needed over 5 days of attempts to post this message, please fix the site... wrong html in my msg when i didn't even use any ??? flooding?? when it's my first message ??? not posted messages should NOT count towards spam.. it just breaks things even more, the recaptcha also

the screenshots are taken from a recorded stream, just before and after the transition from 'desktop' (or dx12) to DX11 ..... the left is dx11, the right is desktop/dx12

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