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Relive capture produces stuttering videos due to difference between screen refresh rate and capture rate (59.94hz v 60hz)

Relive records at 60hz and my monitor is 59.94hz by default (set by windows). This causes a problem for many users where the recorded video will stutter every 15 seconds.

How do I know this? Well I tested capturing at 60fps with OBS using software encoder and it had the exact same issue. It would stutter every 15 seconds. In OBS you can capture at 59.94 though, so I tested this and was buttery smooth.

I have created a custom resolution in Radeon Settings and changed my monitors G.Refresh Rate to 60.001 (unable to get exactly 60.000hz) and it is smooth capturing using relive at 3440x1440, 100mbps bitrate using the latest driver (18.3.4). After about 4 minutes though it eventually falls out of sync.

If possible we need to know the exact hz that Relive records at to overcome the hz mismatch between capturing and the screen refresh rate.

Earlier drivers (pre-mid 2017) did not have this issue which suggests that Relive capture rate used to be 59.94hz but then changed at some point to 60hz or something around that mark.



16gb ram @2400mhz

Asus Gene z97

Saphire Fury X

3 x SSD's

Windows 10 (latest build)

Monitor = AOC U3477PQU (3440x1440, max refresh is 75hz according to specs but default it is 59.94hz)

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