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Radeon Software file size - 22.8.1 vs 22.7.1

Dear readers,

First off, I am not complaining about AMD Radeon's file size, I am even happy if AMD wished to use 1GB-2GB for the Radeon Driver if it meant including game performance optimizations instead of removing them such as is the case for Unreal Engine 3 DirectX9 games and non-Navi cards, except for having enough Internet data to download it of course.

My question/concern is about the fact that 22.8.1 is smaller than 22.7.1, and the fact that 22.7.1 had amazing OpenGL optimizations. Furthermore, I have not tested 22.8.1 yet, although I am interested in the Enhanced Sync improvements.

Does anyone or any AMD employee know why the driver size have been cut from ~619MB to ~538MB ?, I am just interested in knowing the reasons for such variations in file size, since I have experienced drastic performance variations in AMD's drivers over the years, such as the example of the Unreal Engine 3 (DirectX9) optimizations which AMD deleted in 17.7.2 and only re-included for NAVI.

It took upgrading from a FX 8350 & Ryzen 5 1600 to a Ryzen 5 5600 to alleviate the Unreal Engine 3 (DirectX9) performance penalty on my RX 480. In addition, I even made a backup folder now for my 22.7.1 and called it "Amazing OpenGL AMD Radeon optimizations" so that I do not lose it.

Any insight on the file size?

Kind regards

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Hi @Matt_AMD  , can you please check if this link from the reply is appropriate, I do not want it to harm other users and have not opened it.

Community Manager

Unfortunately no information is available on why the file size has changed.

Thank your for your reply @Ray_AMD , I suppose, I will try 22.8.1 later hopefully without losing the OpenGL optimizations, since it is sometimes difficult to tell if the Ryzen 5 5600 I recently was able to afford is just that strong or if it is related to driver improvements, coming from my underutilized FX 8350 & Ryzen 5 1600.

May I ask in general why the AMD driver sizes differ so much? I just find it strange, because I know from experience that source code files are sometimes even less than one MegaByte before it has been put through a compiler, even if it contains more than 5000 lines of code.

Maybe another person will also weigh in, thanks Ray.


It definitely didn't lose OpenGL optimisation. Easy check in Furmark. It was 213 FPS for me, after optimisation in 22.7.1 it became 257

Hi @DimkaTsv , thank you for your response.

Do you still get 257FPS in 22.8.1 like you mentioned you do in 22.7.1?



Ah, yeah, sure, otherwise i wouldn't said "It definitely didn't lose OpenGL optimisation"

Thank you for the information, I really appreciate it and will test 22.8.1 in this week!