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Problems with adrenalin drivers (all versions) Star wars battlefront 2 Rx 580 4gb

Hi everybody!

Maybe people are tired for this kind of asks about adrenalin versions.. The something is that today is 28 march 2018, and i just cant play with all the versions of adrenaline drivers, i have currently installed 18.2.1, but i tried to 18.3.3, and all the other optional drivers.. and i CANT play star wars battlefront 2. I have drops of the FPS (20-30 with no Vsync activated), i have artifacts, complety crashes of the game, etc.. i know that if i return to the old versions (17.11.4) the game goes better.. but i cant play the other games like rainbow six, or overwatch, because this games dont let me play with old drivers versions (or drops fps too with this drivers), and i have to unistall and install diferents drivers continually. Is very frustrating and  i cant found a solution, i tried even making han exception to windows defender to the amd files but doesnt work. I put graphics on low, directx 12 and 11, i reinstall windows 10, i just cant play! i bought this Rx 580 just to this game and now i cant enjoy it!, i have only problems with this game, so Is this a problem with EA games?, i bought my grapichs card on november last year, is a Asus dual series Rx580 4gb (never OC).

My PC specifications:

i7 4770

16 gb ram ddr3

EVGA 500w plus Bronze

ssd kingstone 120 gb (the game is installed here)

Any suggestions will be helpfull!, maybe antoher old version i dont know.. thanks.

3 Replies

Do the following things and you will likely see your issues go away.

1.) In Radeon Settings / Gaming Tab / Global Settings (top left) / Wattman, down bellow the fan settings, slide the "Power Limit Slider" all the way to the right to it's maximum. This will allow the card to receive more power. Don't worry this is still in the safe limits of the card and is not an over volt.

2.) Windows Power Plan setting to  "High Performance" if it is not already.

4.) Disable "Fast Startup" (Windows 10 Only)

5.) Disable all Microsoft Game Features like "DVR" in Settings Game (Windows 10 Only)

You can Google any of these on how to do it.

After this you will have a much better gaming experience with your AMD product, as this fixes about 95% of any current problems.


FYI, I have an RX 580 on a i7 as well and have done all of the above and have zero issues playing BF2

Good Luck!

Sorry nobody saw your post earlier.


Sorry, at this time i didn't espect an answer.

Anyway, i tried everything you said, but nothing change, i still have fps downs at mid battleplay. but really thanks for your help!


So sorry nothing helped. I play battlefront 2 all the time with no frame drops on my RX580. Wish I knew what to tell you to do.