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Journeyman III


Hi! I have a problem when i tried to play fornite and fall guys that my pc will randomly restars in the middle of the game
It used to happen only with fall guys and duo mode in fornite but now fornite doesn´t work solitary or duo mode
I already updated everything, bios/drivers and doesn´t work
Is weird because it only happens with these two epic games games and not with other games
I have a radeon rx 6700xt dual, Mother asus a520m-k, ryzen 5 5600x 

2 Replies

Random restarts of your PC generally occurs due to:

1-Overheating issues (CPU or GPU)

2-Power issues (Bad or weak PSU)

3-Overclocking /Underclocking GPU or CPU

4- Defective Hardware (GPU card or Motherboard or PSU or CPU or Windows drive)

5-Bad or corrupt Graphic drivers

6- Corrupt Windows OS

7-Incompatible or defective hardware installed like RAM Memory.

are some of major reasons for random PC restarts.

Download and run OCCT CPU,GPU, & PSU tests. See if the PC crashes or restarts during any of those tests.

While running the OCCT tests check Fan Speeds, CPU & GPU Temperatures (Overheating), PSU Output are with 5% tolerances for the 3.3/5.0/12.0 VDC outputs (Bad or weak PSU)


Adept II

Hi, since it only happens in Epic games. Could you able to check the Event Viewer after it restarts. Inside the Windows Logs folder and select System, look for Error or Warning with with exclamations symbol during the time your computer restarted. Let's check the the error code with details so we can find a solution.