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Journeyman III

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

My 2019 16" Macbook Pro is literally louder and hotter than my 2013 Macbook Pro 13" with integrated graphics with the exact same monitor plugged in.

Journeyman III

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

I have the exact same issue as others and am really hoping AMD/Apple address it soon (driver updates seem to be a common suggestion, hopefully it's not a hardware thing) when using any External Monitor.

For me the Radeon High Side (iStat Menu) power draw is Always a minimum of 18-20W and just by plugging in my one (1) Dell U2518D (at its native resolution 2650x1440), including while the computer is fully just at idle (CPU like 1-3%), no apps are open, no sneaky processes using in the background .... All the temps rise from the 40C's to the 60C's, and then just stay higher with higher fan speeds as its new "baseline" at idle.  It's amazing to just watch the temps rise with an idling computer with 1-3% CPU usage JUST by connecting the Dell Monitor.  In contrast, working in a coffee shop just with MBP and many apps open CPU & integrated GPU easily stay in the mid 30's to high 40C's and low fans.

The AMD GPU's 18-20W for me is the same whether clamshell'ed or not. Have also tried many of the proposed solutions online such as reducing refresh rates between 48-55Hz, using DisplayPort connections (with USB-C-mDP cable), and tried HDMI (using Apple's USB-C - HDMI adapter), and the Radeon GPU is always drawing 18-20W.  Never have seen it drop to 5W like a few seem to have achieved in clamshell or with other tweaks.  Have also disabled Turbo which keeps CPU temps a bit restrained when doing more taxing computing but obviously at the expense of performance.

So overall machine runs much hotter than it needs to with just an external monitor as a factor and this Working From Home scenario is a million times better using an external monitor/keyboard/mouse.  Teams or Zoom calls (and that's it) cause fans to run way too high and noisily that actually disturb from the call. (including with Turbo off).  Now I'm try to find ways to move the MBP further away and behind something to minimize fan noise while on calls. 

Now if I'm doing something intense like viewing a huge industrial 600MB 3D Model using Navisworks app inside of my Parallels Windows 10 virtual machine - which is quite smooth - I expect fans to be running high (and they do).

Otherwise the machine is great but this one is quite annoying and seems like it's one that could be fixed with driver/software updates.

Really hoping AMD/Apple can address this AMD GPU w/ External Monitor issue asap.

MBP16 2.3Ghz 8-Core Intel Core i9 32GB RAM with AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8GB

Dell U2518D Monitor

Journeyman III

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

Thanks for pointing out that the cause is the MBP 16'' outputting to multiple monitors, even to just one external monitor in addition to the built-in monitor. I don't know why the issue didn't surface earlier during the 7 months I have been using my MBP 16''. Maybe it's due to the heatwave we have in Europe right now, or the 4K Dell U3219Q monitor that I bought (but I have used this monitor for 2 months without any issues, I have to say). I also tried to use the original 4K resolution without scaling but it still didn't work. Radeon High Side is constantly ~20W and kernel_task kicks in in no time.

Apparently the Apple community thread pointed out that the ultimate solution would be to actually use an eGPU, which I believe doesn't make sense for most people. Also, Apple only supports AMD eGPU, but since the next generation RDNA 2 is coming out very soon, I don't want to buy an outdated GPU now.

For now the only thing that has consistently worked for me is to disconnect all the other (non-4K) monitors and close the laptop, so that the laptop outputs to only this one 4K monitor. Now Radeon High Side is constantly ~10W and everything is fine again. It impacts my productivity a lot but is still much better than having kernel_task using 1000% of CPU and having everything ground to a halt...

One thing I would like to confirm though: I see that a lot of affected users are using 5500M with 8G of RAM, which is the case for me as well. Has anybody who uses 5300M or 5600M encountered the same issue (5600M is only offered as an option this June so understandably there are probably few users)?

Journeyman III

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

Any news?

Adept I

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

So, I just got myself a 2019 MacBook Pro 16 with the 5600M and the i9 9880h and I don't quite have this issue, but that seems to be inline with my experience on PCs with HBM2 cards vs GDDR5 cards. I also drive two 5k displays in addition to the display on the laptop. Almost all of the draw is probably coming from clocking up the VRAM and when you're not plugged into an external monitor it's probably using the iGPU on the Intel CPU while power gating the dGPU.

Every AMD GPU I've used has to clock up VRAM to provide a smooth experience with multiple monitors and the reality is that GDDR6 uses a lot of power for the bandwidth it provides compared to a dGPU using HBM2. So, if you care about running multiple monitors while keeping the machine relatively quiet, then you probably should have invested in a dGPU that is up to that task, like the 5600M.

Journeyman III

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

Happen to me too Mac Pro 16", getting hot even if the monitor go to sleep . Please fix it, it's very annoying!

Journeyman III


Hi guys, i have same MacBook Pro 16, and connect it via original Apple usb-c -hdmi adapter to ASUS PA248! 




Just using Safari ... and no other applications are opened.... 

Journeyman III

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

Hello Apple are your reading this? What are your plans to face this issue?

I want to send mine back to you and I want my money back! For the last decade i was always a fan of your products but this so really dissapointing. Spent more than 3000€ on my heat blowing machine..

Despite the annoying noise all the components are lasting much shorter. Additionally we users all together have an higher energy consumption which is absolutely unnecessary..

Please reply and assume responsibility!


Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

Correct AMD hosts some Apple drivers as a courtesy they are Apples drivers and the same ones you get there.

Apple supplies all support on their hardware using AMD graphics if it is Mac OS or Windows under boot camp.

The OP should talk to Apple Support and or an Apple Forum as fellow Apple users may have good advice. 

Adept I

Re: Macbook Pro 16" is HOT & NOISY with an external monitor! :(

So I had enough and sold my $3200 2019 Intel i9 MacBook Pro 16 and bought the cheapest $1040 2020 M1 MacBook Air. Below are my initial impressions after 1 week with it

To see how disappointing my experience was with the the MBP 16, here are a few of my initial posts in this thread and my letter to Tim Cook..

Thread Posts

Letter to Tim Cook

2020 M1 MacBook Air
Initial impressions after 1 week

- Incredibly cool
- Bottom panel and case section above keyboard rarely even gets warm to the touch

- Completely and totally silent
- I don't miss those Intel i9 MBP 16 fans constantly spinning at 2-4k RPM

- Significantly more responsive than my Intel i9 MBP 16
- Noticeable with every task I carry out

- Battery life is so good that I have started to forget about it while working
- This is how all mobile devices should be

This video sums up my thoughts and experiences very well..

Apple have completely redefined what is possible and totally humiliated Intel and AMD in the process, who now need to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror.

For me there is no way back to the past and it's obsolete technology. M1 is a quantum leap for computing and renders everything before as simply irrelevant. If this first "worst" generation of Apple silicon is so fast, cool, quiet and efficient and already soooo far ahead of the competition, I can't wait to see what the future holds.

I am happy to answer any questions you guys may have