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I've found the thread that's very useful to me. But I can't find it right now. After trying that method, it's remove all the issue of black screen/freeze/blue screen/screen shuttering. All of issue was removed by this simple steps.

That guys create a duplicate post but I can't find it anymore. After I tried what he said, I can overclock my gpu without any problems / reenable freesync without any problems/ reenable hardware acceleration without any black screen at least for 3 days.

If you can find that thread, please post it here. He will explain a lot better than me.

He posted something about editing Frequency on the adrenaline software.

This is my 5600xt gpu and I do the same as he posted and all of problems resolve. 

All you need to do is editing Frequency on the AMD software.

Edit: I found it. <<< This guide resolve all of my amd problem

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