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Journeyman III

Fortnite still crashing on 7900XTX

This game features Lumen and Nanite, and I wanted to see how my new 7900XTX would fare against UE5. Apparently not well with this game! The FPS/performance is great, but the game causes driver timeouts and sometimes the game crashes so hard that I have to restart my entire PC. Even with disabling Lumen+Raytracing, and all graphics on low, the game continues to cause driver hangs. No other game has this issue. Even Direct X 11 Mode on it is terrible. I've tried running the game in Win8 Compatibility mode, Set CPU priority to High in task manager, and various other "fixes" I found on reddit and such to no effect. The crashes make the game so unplayable that I may have to ask Epic Games for a refund on their game pass because I cannot even play enough to complete it... Please someone actually FIX THIS ISSUE

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