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Adept II


AMD why is this not fixed yet?

The graphics are all flickering, shadows lighting on station surfaces and other surfaces in Elite Dangerous on the 6900xt.


I always had a Nvidia card, I decided to go red this time and got the 6900xt about a year ago even though i read about the driver problems in the last generation. Boy, am i kicking my self.


If you don't want to lose a customer, please fix this game.  


I have very rarely  encountered a issue like this in any game. When it happens, Nvidia will fix the issue within a couple days. How long has the Elte Dangerous problem been happening? About a year now? This is unacceptable! I will never make this mistake again.


Sorry to be so loud about the issue but this is crazy

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Adept II

Hmm... hadn't met this issue myself, strange. 6750 XT
AMD fixed major bug with ED crashing on desktop recently. And there is another known issue with in-game shader, but it doesn't cause any flickering on surfaces, just blueish glow (and this one i am unable to verify as don't own Odyssey myself, just Horizons). So you are probably alone there with this one.

Anyways you can see this thread and maybe something will help you.


P.S. Can we have more info? Where, what entities are flickering, on what condition, logs from... Ehm, where are you installed game from?
For me (and other steam users) it will be
~\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\FORC-FDEV-DO-38-IN-40\Logs  - for Horizons 4.0 or how it is named...
And ~\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\elite-dangerous-64\Logs - for normal Horizons...Maybe netlogs will show something abnormal in rendering that will cause an error?


No, he isn't alone.  

He also should not have to jump hoops and manually fudge files to semi-fix an issue.  If, as the thread says, is a 5 minute fix then AMD and Frontier should 5min fix that.  Not the customer..

Oh... Well, then i guess good luck with getting them to fix this problem asap?
Every problem can potentially mean similar problem in different game.

But as i basically don't play ED  i won't be much of help for this one.


How many times have I searched the help forums since May. Now I see it as one of my biggest mistakes to buy a RX6900XT in February for a lot of money. Please tell me why I should buy an ATI model again? Or even recommend it to someone? 


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Has anyone contacted frontier or used the bug report tool in the Adrenaline software to make AMD aware of the issue? This is a community forum run by people who do work for AMD, but devs don't seem to really spend time here. This site is run by community managers. The vast majority of problems are solved by people reporting using the bug report tool in the Adrenaline software.  

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Adept I

Try to reset shaders cache in adrenaline software... corrupted shaders data can have weird effects

Adept I

The sad fact is if you are a regular Elite Dangerous VR player you should not by an AMD gfx card. Both Frontier and AMD have done nothing to fix these issues for over 6 months and there are zero signs that anything will be done in future.