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Adept I

Eyefinity Advanced Setup missing

Hi there,

My problem is that I try to enable Eyefinity for 3 displays. It leaves most of the bottom part of my biggest 2 displays empty and only fills de 24" monitor. This should be adjustable in the advanced settings, but there is no way for me to get into those settings. The button is not there. When I click quick setup, it sets it up, but with a lot of screen not filled.The rearrange display settings then become available right under the quick setup menu. (after setup.png) But thats it. If I navigate anywhere else in the Radeon Software and come back to settings --> display, the rearrange part is gone as well. I can only click cancel quick setup. (after setup2.png)

I never tried this previously. So I don't know if it ever worked before.

I tried:

- Updating Radeon software from 20.3.x to 20.4.1, then reboot, did not help.

- Downloading 18.5.1 of the Radeon Software and installing ccc-slim. then reboot, did not help.

- Setting all my displays to 'preserve aspect ratio' in the Radeon Software instead of 'Full Panel'. Did not help.

- Setting all my displays to a resolution with the same height (so the reso ends with x1080) in the Windows settings, before i clicked quick setup. Did not help.

- Searched everywhere, in all the menu's in the Radeon Software to find a way to get into the advanced setup. No success. (before and after setting up EyeFinity)

- All articles about this either show how to set it up if you can get into the advanced setup or how to get the advanced setup option back in a version 2 years ago.

My setup:

OS: windows 10 64-b, up2date.

Radeon Software Version: 20.4.1 (software version.png)

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X (8core 3.7Ghz)


GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

Displays from left to right: (display setup.png / radeon display setup.png)

Display1: 27" 2550x1440 reso connected with HDMI --> HDMI (In Eyefinity mode only shows top 75% of the screen) (pre-display3.png)

Display2: 38" 3440x1440 reso connected with DP --> DP (In Eyefinity mode only shows top 75% of the screen) (pre-display1.png)

Display3: 24" 1920x1080 reso connected with a HDMI --> DVI (In Eyefinity mode shows 100% of the screen) (pre-display2.png)

I am pretty sure from what I read about this issue so far that I can get this setup in the desired way if I can enter the Advanced Setup. Just no way to get in

Hopefully someone can help! Many thanks!

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This User found a work around that is able to enable Eyefinity Advanced Settings again with Adrenaline drivers: 

Adept I

yes this works! thanks!

I also found another way to get this working:

Run "C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\EyefinityPro.exe"

This opens a tool that pretty much allows you to set Eyefinity up as well, with the advanced options as well.

Thanks it was very useful !! Cheers!!

Journeyman III

Tried all this. The eyefinityPro.exe didnt offer anything useful(offsets maybe but those i dont need). CCCSlim was nowhere to be found.

What i do need is the ability to set resolution of the individual displays. As my current setup got 2x4k and 1x 2k display. Result is two half used 4k displays. Top in use, bottom black, with tiny tiny text to go with that. And a fully working 2k display. Resulting resolution: 9600x1080

Heard such nice things about eyefinity vs nvidia surround. This is a real downer..

Adept I

I think what you want is to select the 'Fill' option. There is no seperate way to set your resolution I believe. 

Under 'Resize Desktop' --> 

The Resize Desktop option allows the AMD Eyefinity display group desktop to use the following presets:

  • Fill — Fills the entire area of each display with its own portion of the desktop. Depending on the resolution being used, this may cause the desktop to appear stretched on some of the displays.    
  • Fit — Shows the entire desktop across all displays without cropping or stretching the desktop.  This may cause certain areas of the displays to appear blank.
  • Expand — Resizes the Desktop to the height of the tallest display. This may lead to portions of the Desktop, including the Windows® Start menu and taskbar to appear cropped or missing on some of the displays.

No, fill is not the option. In older versions we could change the resolution of a monitor so that it fit and this eyefinitypro utility doesn't let us do that at all. AMD has completely nerfed Eyefinity for anyone who has 1 monitor with a different max resolution than the others. I have all three set to use the same resolution in windows but Eyefinity overrides this setting and refuses to use the resolution I want for all three monitors.

Eyefinity has become trash. AMD needs to fix this ASAP.


So after much trial and error, here is what I had to do in order to get one desktop that properly spanned all three of my monitors, two QHD and one 4k monitor, all the same size.

NOTE: Radeon EYEfinity doesn't honor your desktop resolution AT ALL... this is HORRIBLE and a big part of the issue with trying to run triple monitors. There is no resolution control that an end user can do, which is TOTAL BS.

1. On your two QHD monitors, turn on VSR, GPU Scaling and Integer Scaling in your Radeon Adrenalin software. This will allow your QHD monitors to upscale to 4k/

2. Locate  and run Eyefinity Pro config tool (normally located at C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\EyefinityPro.exe).

3. Set monitor positions to your liking and set your layout mode to Fill. Fill will not work unless you configure your options for the displays as above.

4. Click create AMD Eyefinity Configuration.

This will create an very difficult to read single desktop that spans all three monitors. Most games will not be able to use this so you will have to choose a different desktop size inside the game itself in order for this to be usable.

So, yes, it can be done, but AMD... seriously this is some royally messed up way to make this work and you need to take the time to FIX IT! This is a very painful way to span monitors and I am seriously disappointed that you nerfed what used to be a good system for spanning monitors.

Adept I

I cant get eyefinity advanced back and my system isn't working because of it please help 

Here is the link to my post that explains further. 

I've tried all the steps above it doesn't work with new drivers and the old ones crash the new update to windows.