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Every driver after 22.5.1 has problems


There's something wrong with AMD drivers lately and specifically after 22.5.1.

Ever since that "AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022" was released (it included), drivers introduce input lag, stutter and setting FRC at a specific fps, it always sets it lower. For example, if i set max fps at 141 on a 144Hz monitor, it goes to 135. In order to hit 141, i must set FRC higher than 144.

I understand that 22.5.1 (which works best for me and many other people) is a recommended, but you've introduced many features with the latest drivers and they're unusable because of the problems introduced.

And yes, i always use DDU when updating to new drivers.

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They are optional beta drivers, they are designed for testing..

If you want them they will have faults, but information from users is needed to get them right..

Some systems will run perfectly ok, but the configuration of some will have problems..

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I understand what you're saying but it's not my 1st time using an "optional" driver instead of a recommended. In fact, up until the next driver from 22.5.1 i've been using AMD drivers without thinking if it's an optional or not since i never had any problems.

I just find it strange that AMD made quite a stir with that "AMD Software Preview Driver May 2022" and instead of trying to make this a recommended, it let them be in that state.


mmm to some extent I agree that they should try to achieve as much stability as possible on the most desirable versions of their drivers -- and 22.7.1 for example is extremely desirable --

I also think that they should be held to as high of a standard as possible. AMD/Radeon is no longer the small guy in the GPU battle. They're doing pretty darned good for themselves now. They should behave as such. The continual issues around extremely popular games in particular should be addressed

However if it allows them to push mostly newer/better software in exchange having a few niche titles be buggy/problematic, and they still release a "recommended" version every 3-4 months that does not have those issues, I'm okay with that.

Keep in mind that "recommended" versions require Microsoft's seal of approval, meaning lots and lots of testing, and paired with that, likely a large delay in release

I also think this nonsense revolving around having to use DDU to fix issues, as well as other pervasive problems like the black screen nonsense needs to be properly addressed.

It's frankly not acceptable that the "factory reset" option doesn't have the same effectiveness as DDU does to fix software related issues from upgrading from one driver to the next, or from Nvidia to Radeon

User friendliness with stuff like this _should always_ be front and foremost if you're trying to appeal to a broad audience. Which Radeon appears to be. These cards need to be plug and play. The factory reset should do the same thing DDU does, only fully automated/streamlined, and when you first go to install the GPU, there should be a little pop-up advising people to do a factory reset if they're upgrading from another brand or a much older card when installing.

Recently, a streamer whose stream I frequent refused to even consider a Radeon GPU because he'd seen talk about issues on forums, had had issues with one in the past. He was willing to spend +300 USD for the same tier card just to avoid that. He doesn't use RTX, he doesn't use Nvidia Broadcast (AMD's version hadn't been announced or released at that point). His opinion was purely formed because he didn't want to have to mess with the nonsense around drivers.

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There has not been a stable recommended driver now for 3 months

That's what i'm trying to say. Keep the recommended versions frequent when there are important issues being resolved.


I am still on 22.3.1 because of the problems with black screen with 6700xt version..

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus Tuf Gaming RX 6700 XT, Asus TUF Gaming x570 Plus, 32gb Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz, Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1tb NVME, Samsung 960 EVO 500gb NVME, Lian Li Galahad AIO 240mm, Seasonic X850 PSU.
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its a shame, with nivdia, driver are plug and play for the last new game.