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Journeyman III

DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error , and UE5 crashes

 erreur paxdei.png



Hello , I have this problem and it s very frutrating ./ I try a lot of thing ( disable TDR ,run as an admin , clear cache , install win 11 and win 10 ,test memory ... ) , and nothing work 


I note a lot of problem with 7900 XTX , lots of user have problem . I already have problem in CS GO 2 , the finals ( both UE 5 crashes ) 


for a graphic card that cost 1000+Euros , it s not normal it crashes with severals games ./ So please , can you help me 


It crashe every 5 minutes so i cant do nothing . Is this a problem of compatibility of pilot  with UE5 .? 



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