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Journeyman III

Driver crashes when monitor is off

Hello. I have a strange issue with AMD drivers. Everything seems to be working just fine, but whenever I turn off my monitor, the driver crashes and after I turn the monitor back on, I get no signal. The same happens when Windows is turning off the display itself, so it always occurs whenever GPU stops giving image. I'm using 22.3.1 drivers and my GPU is RX 6600 XT. Does anyone have an idea how to solve this issue?

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I have that, but I haven't been able to find out what it is, but only crashes with my new RoG monitor not with my old Samsung.

The driver crashes but I can get image back after switching to the WHQL driver. Could also be the cable but I've been lazy to troubleshoot it, I just disabled screen off and sleep off and when I step away, I just shutdown the PC instead.

Try using other HDMI or DisplayPort cables. Avoid supercheap cables but do not overspend either.

The Englishman

Yeah, I have also "solved" the problem disabling turning off the monitor automatically. I haven't found any actual solution yet.

Adept I

I have the same Problem with my rx 6600xt, when monitor goes off i get driver errors or black screen turning back on, it seems relate to all new drivers 22.3.1, 22.3.2 and 22.5.1


RX 6600 XT asrock chalenger

LG ultrawide conected via HDMI

CPU ryzen 5 3600

Journeyman III

Exact same issue. Started with my Radeon RX 6500 XT, I've found no solution at this time either.

Journeyman III

I also own a Rx 6600 xt and have the same problem, but I have solved it partially. On version 21.12.1, this problem does not exist. This is a driver from last December. Maybe someone will find out why this version does not have this bug. However, the controller is getting old, so I would like to find another solution.

Adept I

Is a real problem i cannot communicate with amd i dont find how.

I have and sapphire 5700xt and now an 6800xt amd radeon. The problem exist on two card on windows 10 not windows 11.

I set my screen to turn off 2h. after a night my desktop icon are stuck or move, or double double on it. windows start bar is stuck the menu start not working. 

The simply way solution, task manager and killer explorer.exe and restart it.

all working after. that do 2 years i have this proble. 

i reinstall my pc. install only update windows and amd. the problem is existing and not know by amd. i seach some one can transmit to amd for a fix. each morning i need to kill explorer or restart by ctl+alt+del.

Journeyman III

I've been having the same problem the past few months on a xfx 5700xt

My initial theory is that I recently switched my second monitor to 75hz. Maybe that's causing issues? I will switch back to 60hz to see if that fixes it.

Adept I

i discover in hdmi cable 120hz 2560x1080 nothing crash no amd crashing icones or software.

Is the displayport causing this trouble. I think is the cable. a tun of cable displayport are bad and sold on amazon. the probleme is to find one for the good resolution. The cable need to be support HDR FREESYNC and hz, depending quality of cable some cannot support and that causing crash on software.

i have some programe  in my task bare become blur and now not responding when monitor go off after few minutes.

My old monitor didn't had DisplayPort, so HDMI worked fine. Only crashes with DP.

The Englishman
Adept I

I would like to contribute and say I too have issue with the AMD gpu driver crashing when my main display goes in standby after say 20minutes.

I run a LG OLED C1 4k120hz as Primary and a LG 23" 1080p LCD to the side in Portrait mode.

6800xT as GPU and 5700G as CPU with Driver version 22.5.2

Upon driver recovery the driver forces the primary display back to 4:2:0 8bit mode and can't be changed.  My default is 10bit RGB 4:4:4