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Adept I

Dragon's Dogma 2

I just tried to play Dragon's Dogma 2 with my 7900 xtx.
cant even get passed character creator with the supposed ''GAME READY'' drivers.. GG
how about you fix support for your top GPU.. Hallo ??

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Adept I

Try using the latest driver from December 2023, version 23.12.1

With this one I hardly ever experience an AMD driver crash on Helldivers 2, and I only experience stuttering on a couple locations in Dragon's Dogma 2.

It is also an AMD issue, either from them or the developers who don't test on AMD hardware. I am most likely going back to the GPU competition if this keeps happening, as I got my first AMD card on September 2023.

Adept III

I was able to fix my crashing today unreal. I had to turn off XMP first in bios ,and turn off auto for ram timings and manually enter the timings PLAYED 5 ROUNDS NO CRASHING 2042 LOL .. hope it helps now I'm going to turn XMP-XEPO back on and see if i crash.

7900 XTX