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Journeyman III

Black Screen, Stuttering and App Crashing on AMD 20.4.2, 20.4.1, 20+ and 19+

I am running a Vega 64 PowerColor card and I havent had one week without a crash in TWO YEARS! Getting WELL beyond a joke.

Starting to think that they havent actually made a graphics card, they have just bought some cheap chinese knock off card... and then made out they are a super cool tech company, its all just fake. AMD died a decade ago and the new owners are proper con-artists.

Those running the 5700 cards I feel real bad for you, you will never have a full week without your system failing, EVER!




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Adept II

Nice pictures, but it would have been more helpful if you listed your PC Config, detailed what you mean by crash (BSOD? Appcrash only? screen freeze? black screen? grey screen? green fuzzy screen before Appcrash?)

All the event viewer is telling me is you had an AppCrash on these times. Great, What were you doing? Idle at desktop and crash? Gaming heavy load crash? playing a movie with HEVC codec use crash? nada.

I hope you take that "proud" moment you had leaving this post here because I have a "Black screen, PC hangs, Hard reset to fix. Vega 84" --type of issue and Google lead me here and now my time is wasted.

Adept I

It could be your lucky day  

I too have had random crashes with my vega 64 for years  ive bought power supplies sent back the card and  its always the same  

dont really matter what your doing you  just crash 

you can be watching youtube or playing the  latest AAA game  it can last for hours  or  10 mins  and you will crash 

the fans spin to 100%  black screen  you need to reboot and when you get back to windows everything looks ok the temps are all reasonable and nothing is standing out 

well a few weeks ago  I started thinking maybe its not  where everyone has been looking


I noticed if I turned off my 2nd monitor  I wouldnt crash  and ive never crashed as a single monitor setup

but if im playing a  game and have youtube on my 2nd monitor it would cause me to crash more often 

so overtime ive done  these  steps and so far ive not crashed 

i enter watman set the power limit to  -42%  and make a fan curve  different   more gradual and it kicks in at a lower  temp  because i noticed  the fans wouldnt spin then  they would spin and i was thinking if this was a spike in power then having your  fans all kick in  maybe at the same time   the graphics card is asking for more power might send it over the edge 

2nd thing  i was thinking about the cables in the back of the pc  and when i looked i noticed my  graphics card has 3 dp ports and 3 hdmi ports  so  i moved the cables to different  ports  incase it was one dodgy port  (just for reference i put mine in the  two hdmi ports which were next to each other in case yours is the same ) 

but i was thinking maybe having one monitor on dp and one on hdmi might be  another option to try 

3rd thing and last thing i did  i was looking at the browser thinking its strange that when im watching youtube while playing  i crash more often so i looked around incase  something  was up

and noticed they all have hardware acceleration   so i turned it off you will find it in settings  in the browser

ive also read that  turning off  vsync can help ive not done this yet as  ive been stable for a week  so far   but it would be what i will try the next time i crash or having one monitor on dp port and one on hdmi 

it might help