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Adept I

Black Screen / Green Screen on many drivers included the latest ones 20.3.1 , 20.2.2 , 20.2.1 and so on help please.

I'm having a lot of problems with AMD drivers and would like some help to resolve this ongoing issue. I bought a brand new XFX RX-590 8GB FatBoy to upgrade my PC on January 3 , 2020. I have not been able to enjoy this brand new graphics card due to a lot of black screen / green screen issues where i loose video signal and cannot recover the video signal unless i hard shut down windows pressing the power button on my PC.

When does it occurs ? It occurs in all the games i play it can take 5 minutes or 30 minutes but the games will eventually go to a black screen or green screen loosing video signal and i am not able to recover the driver and video signal.

System specifications: I tested this video card on 2 different PCs. 

PC # 1 -  Intel 8700K / 32GB DDR4 / ASRock Taichi Z390 / 1TB NVMe / 1200w psu / W10 1909 Fully updated , motherboard bios and chipset driver are updated to the latest available.

PC # 2 - AMD Rysen 2600 / 16GB DDR4 / Asus Strix B-350 Gaming / 512GB NVMe / 1000w psu / W10 1909 Fully updated , motherboard bios and chipset driver are updated to the latest available.

Displays tested: I tested this video card on 2 different displays:

Display # 1 - Samsung KS8000 65" UHD HDR Smart TV on HDMI

Display # 2 - Sceptre E275W-19203R Freesync on HDMI

What have i done to correct this issues ? I have clean installed fresh windows 10 x64bit 1909 and updated. I have clean installed drivers 20.2.1 , 20.2.2 , 20.3.1 using ddu and re-tried not using ddu and everytime they install fine and correct each time. I tried underclocking the video card , overvolting the video card , ramp the fan to 100% everything done within the AMD hardware suite performance part of it and nothing helps or cure this black screen / green screen issues.

I took a video with my phone so you guys can see the issue. First it black screen loosing video signal then the screen goes color green , you can hear the game sounds on the background ( I play the windows xp horn on my car to make sure you hear the sounds of the game forza horizon 4 ) as the game still running but with no image / no video signal only a green color screen , i have to hard reset my PC by pressing the power button to get out and reboot to gain video signal again. I hope this is enough information to have a clear view of the issue i'm having on this brand new video card. Thank you in advanced for any help.

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