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Journeyman III

B550 motherboard with hardware raid1

Hello, I have a B550 motherboard with a raid1 created in the bios and I'm currently using also Raidxpert2.

I need to disconnect the hard drives to connect some spare drives.

How can I proceed to do it without loosing the data on my raid 1 drives?

If I disconnect the drives, hide the array (which will go offline), use the new hard drives and then connect the raid 1 drives back, are they going to work fine?



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First thing is make a backup copy of your data before making any changes.

The RAID1 array drives can be read independently in any system even without the use of RAID - ie. you've got 2 identical copies of your data.

However it can be tricky when reinstating the drives where it may not recognize them as a RAID1 array but instead as JBOD and the mirror must be reconfigured.

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It's not like that. At least not with AMD Raid (it is on my intel system). If I connect the drives to another pc they can't see the data. That being said what I done is:

1) Made a backup of the whole drives on a third drive.

2) Turned off the pc and disconnected both hard drives, the raid 1 went offline, not even visible from bios.

3) Turned off the pc and connected again both hard drives, the raid 1 was visible again without issues.