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Journeyman III



I just registered to ask something about the AMD AutoUpdate.exe

I recently updated my AMD Chipset Drivers manually, because I have turned off any automatic driver update in Windows 10 and it was about time.
Now, 1 month after I did that, I saw a command prompt of AMDAutoupdate.exe open after I started my pc.
There was no text in there and I closed it after a while.
So I immediately googled about it but I could'nt find much. The only things I found was the location of the autoupdate.exe and the log files of it. My log file said "root element is missing".
So my questions are: Is it normal that AMD autoupdate.exe just opens a command prompt randomly and why is my root element missing? Also: Why didnt my old chipset drivers do that stuff. And can I somehow delete the autoupdater?
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Adept I

This same thing also happened to me tonight..