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Journeyman III

Alt Tabbing causing black screen

Here I thought I would give AMD a try again as I was always Team Red deep down inside.
Well, I can't even barely play games, or do things without drivers crashing.
I have a 6900XT and a 5900X system that I had built, and the drivers are just atrotious.  
Playing a game, and trying to alt tab is like russian roulette.  
I never know when my screen might go black for 2 minutes and my game is dead.

This is very unfortunate as I really love AMD.

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So because you alt tab out of a game all the time and the screen turns black, and the game might crash you say the drivers are the problem ?

I tab out some games and i have no issues on my end. Even if a game did crash or does crash, i don't blame AMD drivers, its because some games won't behave right if i tab out. Its the game issue, not the drivers. 



Journeyman III

I have no problems for 99% of my games.


WoW is very problematic. Whenever I go fullscreen, alt-tabbing is a russian roulette, as you said. I might or might not have to wait 1 minute for the drivers to recover, or 5 minutes for my PC to reboot (sometimes I even have to long press my power button...).


6900 XT, 12700kf


For now, try to disable hardware acceleration in everything that use it. 

Are you using multi monitor setup?


May need to use the WHQL drivers or possibly the Pro drivers. I know a lot of people are switching over to those now.

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the whql and pro drivers are also wish drivers, didnt help with my dx11 stuttering at all.

Adept III

can't you try borderless fullscreen? thats what you use if you want to alt-tab between games and windows.