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Adept I

Adrenalin 24-series DirectX error

I have tested extensively different settings and all possible combinations you can think of. Especially when playing CoD, in every single match with the 24-series driver I got DirectX error and game crashes.

I have gone through all the suggestions on YT-videos where people are offering solutions how to fix the issue, and NOTHING has worked. I have also tested undervolting the GPU, since that was suggested also. And limiting the max frequency of the GPU.

Btw, I am using RX 7900 XTX.

Not a single thing has helped, but then I downgraded the graphics driver to 23-series. Played multiple games of CoD and it didn't crash.

However, with the 23-series I don't now have AFMF available.

Just my two cents here, I hope this helps others who deal with the same issue.

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Adept III

I was able to fix my crashing today unreal. I had to turn off XMP first in bios ,and turn off auto for ram timings and manually enter the timings PLAYED 5 ROUNDS NO CRASHING 2042 LOL .. hope it helps!  now I'm going to turn XMP-XEPO back on and see if I crash.

well looks like its back again .. no matter what i try sooner or later it crashes dx12

Adept I

Yes I tested that too. Nothing helped when using the 24-series drivers. And underclocking is not the solution. Drivers are simply bad.

Adept III

I had similar problems with pubg and warzone.

the only working solution for me was to activate xmp in the bios and "just save" to set the right
RAM settings and then deactivate xmp.

I have this problem now since 2 years+ and nobody knows whats the reason for this.
the good thing is i dealt with the ram timings and was able to significantly improve the
timings, which resulted in a better 1% low FPS 🤪

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