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Journeyman III

7900XT has high power from the start

Hello. I own 7900XT for more than a year now. When i first got it i was gaming on monitor and had 3 monitors connected, power draw was absurd so i quit and i sold all my monitors. Now when i got back to gaming i got 1440p 165hz and 4k 60hz, my VRAM is always clocked to the maximum.

When i try to use my setup my idle power draw is from 80- 110W and If i completely disconnect my 4k 60hz monitor, my GPU usage is around 8 - 20W only.

If i remember correctly there were a lot of fixes in this direction from amd in last year but I still have a big problem. I am going to do a bit more of testing tommorow when i connect my second 4k 60hz monitor. 

Is there anything I can do? I have tried the custom refresh rate "fix" and set my refresh rate to 163 but my screen is just black when i choose it.

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Adept II

I use a 43 inch 4k 60hz connected to HDMI with a resolution of 2160p and 18-22 watts when idle. If I lower the resolution, the consumption when idle is noticeably less... around 12-14 watts.
everything in the green range.
Several monitors have higher power consumption, the high-end motherboard also draws a little more watts.
Refresh rate ...basic screen is the same as desk screen.
try HDMI and then DisplayPort at different refresh rates.
First 1 monitor and then step by step, increase the refresh rate and switch on monitors 2 and 3.

Journeyman III

Problem becomes because I actually have 2 4k monitors. I have "managed" to fix it by lowering my refresh rate of main gaming monitor but after connecting both 4k monitors and gaming dell monitor my VRAM speed is always clocked to the limit i choose. When i have gaming profile its 2700 and if i'm on default i have 2500. I think in long term this will destroy my gpu because my PC is turned on at least 12 hours each day. Having max vram speed for 12 hours a day and additional 60-90W usage is not ideal.

I have tried using 144hz, 120hz refresh rate on Dell monitor but my vram speed is always clocked to the max.