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Adept I

6950XT Game Stuttering Findings (shader cache)

I recently got a brand new 6950XT (Sapphire Nitro+ PURE) and been spending many hours over the past week trying to solve the stuttering problems in a few games I play, i.e. Destiny 2, Fortnite.  I tried every troubleshooting setting in existence it felt like.  Using the latest AMD (optional) drivers, full install.  I got to the point where I was about to return it and get a 3090TI which is sad because I love this card and the new AMD Adrenaline software.

However, I noticed that the longer I played, the smoother it got which I have seen similar mentions when using DirectX 12 in the forums.  It seemed like a cache or something was being built and sure enough when I deleted the shader cache in AMD settings the stuttering came back in full force.

Using Fortnite DX11, which was the worst, I watched the shader cache file grow with every match I did and sure enough the game got smoother each match and as I explored new areas of the map.  I only tested it for maybe 45 minutes today and the cache file is now 300MB and but overall stuttering is drastically reduced.  I notice the exact same effect in Destiny 2 and also with Borderlands 3.  All of these games were noted as having stuttering with this card.

So seems like there are some shader cache issues going on here.

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