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Adept II

22.8.1 Issue/bug???

newest 22.8.1 causing my system freeze after i log in steam **bleep** rly??
No problems with older drivers like 22.6.1 and 22.5.1

and yeah chipset drivers installed succesfully and windows updates are fine

DDU used safe mode with no internet and windows updates off

my parts:

3800x 4,5Ghz

B550 Strix E (latest bios in)

16gb 3600mhz  (16-19-19-39)

6600 XT Strix

Corsair RMX 850W 

Samsung 1TB 980

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Adept I

ive got same problem with steam, obs and youtube. but ive got intel chipset.


22.7.1 i got almost similar issue but it was affected faceit anticheat software when i opened it my whole system tilted totaly.. 

Adept I

Yep 22.7.1 has same problems for me. Opening Youtube, OBS, Steam causing massive system lag.

Last driver without issue was 22.6.1


22.8.1, issue is not present for me

5900x • 6900xt • 32gb CL14 3600mhz • 850 W PSU • 420mm Arctic II AIO • 90° Case • •
Journeyman III

Same problem with 22.8.1 

Every time i open the steam main page  my system freeze 


•Ryzen 9 5950x •Rx 6900 Xt • ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero • ROG-THOR-1200P


Can you check if it still does this if you go settings > interface > and uncheck enable GPU accelerated rendering in web views ?

Adept I

Now with 22.8.1 amd adrenalin don't open at windows startup!

R7 3800X


Gigabyte Aorus Elite X570 with latest bios

PowerColor RX 5700XT Red Devil


me too there are games that the image blocks I have to restart with the button on my computer and on the internet sometimes the image becomes completely black with new driver 22.8.1 


Seems to be working fine apart from the same rendering issues that were present starting with 22.5.2.  No issues with the adrenaline panel or steam.



Adept II

Deleting 22.8.1 with DDU helped for me. With a complete new installation of the driver, now everything works fine.

I had the same issue some days ago with the latest AMD Windows Update driver version (based on 22.8.1) and an over-installation of 22.8.1 from didn't fix that issue.


Heh all.  Vynski here.

Thanks for all of the posts.

I just downloaded the 22.8.1 drivers yesterday and had some reservations about installing them after reading the details.  I wanted to wait and see what issues others might be having.  Since the 22.7.1 drivers are working fine on my systems I'll just wait a bit longer and perhaps forgo installing them all together.

I appreciate the fast responses from the Community and at this point I see no reason to update.

Ryzen 9 3900X / MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT / MSI MEG X570 ACE board / GSKILL RipJaws 3200 32GB / Corsair RM 850 / Sabrent Rocket NVMe M. 2 2280 1TB/ SoundBlaster ZSE / Seagate Barracuda 2TB / Samsung 27" curved monitor.


I have the exact same problem my friend. Here is my thread about this issue. 

Journeyman III

+1 to this issue. Was about to make a thread and this popped up as I was putting in my title. 22.8.1 gave me severe stuttering/freezes in the steam main store page, as well as even some artifacting on screen. When deciding to see if it was an issue with steam I launched 1 game outside of steam (rumbleverse) and also noticed stutters upon it launching and showing its startup logos. After I rolled back to a previous driver version in windows device manager I confirmed that the steam page was no longer causing any issues. I'm not sure which version windows rolled back to, it says driver date: 5/17/2022 , Driver version 30.0.21017.1000 in device manager. Going to do a clean install of the long term driver 22.5.1 from AMD.


My specs:

GPU: 6600 XT

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600X

Windows 10 Pro version 21H1

AMD Driver version 22.8.1


Driver version 30.0.21017.1000

That's Window's version. You need to use DDU and get that off of your PC so that Radeon drivers can actually work right

Side note, I also had massive lag lockup issues, when using Edge and another program. A fix for me was to redownload the drivers, factory reset and install drivers only.

5900x • 6900xt • 32gb CL14 3600mhz • 850 W PSU • 420mm Arctic II AIO • 90° Case • •
Adept I

Stutter here on 22.8.1 Driver, And I am playing ATS on Steam and while in ATS Driving and I get stutter.

And believe me I shouldn't be getting stutter in any game,


Amd Ryzen 7  3700X

Ram 32gig DDR4-3200

Amd Power Color RX5600XT.


Adept II

22.6.1 so far best driver 6600 xt if u wanna overclock it and overall stability in my tests

min clock 2650mhz

max clock 2750mhz

memory fast timings 2182mhz

power limit  set to +20%

Default Voltages

Custom fan curve


For my 6750 XT on 22.8.1
Min clock: 2700 mHz
Max clock: 2900 mHz
Voltage: 1160 mV (standart is 1200 for reference)
Memory 2262 mHz (technically 2250) with Fast timings level 2
Power limit: +15%

But imo problems i meet usually isn't in overclock by itself (Stability tests:1 hour in 6500MB donut Kombustor without artifact, 1 hour of Heaven benchmark, several runs of Superposition in row (with max freq =2950 it results in crash), and in 1 hour of y-cruncher all tests 2 min for each + Kombustor 6500MB donut at once without artifacts). Most errors i meet are usually driver based, ngl. But hard to know what specifically triggered them. 
Sometimes they are quite small (like 1 second of white noise strip at start of application and stream, or strange texture rendering, making them elongate into infinity), but sometimes it is straightforward crash. And there i always think, was it my OC that caused it, or driver error. 

Adept III

Reference 6950XT here.  After 22.5.1 started causing my desktop to flicker for no reason the other day I went to 22.8.1 but as a "Minimal Install" option, no tweak or o/c ability.  I have not had any issues with my system like this.  So that's another option you could try, not doing the "Full Install" option just in case there are issues with AMD's telemetry and controlling overhead of the driver and your system.

FYI: in the minimal install mode you will not have fan speed control so your gpu will only cool itself as per the vbios programming.  For example my 6950xt fans barely come on at all and will flatline at 17% (data file available on request), clearly not how I would choose to run my GPU but AMD seems to be ok with this.

AMD Radeon 6950XT Adrenalin 22.5.1 Sniper Elite 5 @ 60 Hz.png

I've been doing the "drivers only" option instead of the "full install".

Same results.

I need to try the Minimal install option as well I think

5900x • 6900xt • 32gb CL14 3600mhz • 850 W PSU • 420mm Arctic II AIO • 90° Case • •

Radeon software is a joke! we need whole new software..