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Adept I

19.1.1... part 2? was released today, still stuck in the "new update notification loop"

Now 19.1.1 is asking to update to 19.1.1

Which is annoying as all hell, why would they keep the same number?

And why is this the second time this issue is listed as fixed but isn't actually fixed?

Seriously, props for the work you do and everything, but this mistake is ridiculously silly and I find it hard to believe it's so hard to tackle that it's taken this long.

Kind of giving a bad image, you know?

Sorry if I'm salty

Btw, trying to update through Radeon Settings does nothing, except crash it sometimes.

Running DDU and then downloading the drivers from your website dated 21/1/2019 and installing them, brings me back to where I started, update notification.

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Journeyman III

Same here... uninstalled everything with DDU but nothing. Keeps asking to update to 19.1.1...

Adept I

same here, also in youtube or twitch I experimented some black screen, where can i report it?


Same here.
Turning off Notifications in AMD Settings Preferences doesn't stop it either .
I submitted an AMD Reporting form.

Adept II

I had the same issue and also gpu drivers crashing while playing wow so now im using old drivers.. Good job amd

Adept I

Yes I can confirm I'm having the same issue too, already submited a report to amd. Plus this is definitely not the first time having this update notification popups appear all the time. Actually I've been experiencing similar issues for months now. Meaning I get update notifications no matter what version of driver I install. For older versions I get newer versions notifications and for latest versions I get older version notifications, so there's absolutely no workaround to avoid it.

With the latest version it went so far that it is even showing the same version again, DDU doesn't help, nothing helps at this stage.


Same issue. I just replaced my nvidia card with an RX580 so I'm new to the adrenalin software but it's freezing up regularly as well as notifying of new drivers all the time. Version 19 was saying 18 was new, 18 said 19 was new, now 19 says the same 19 is new etc.

The card is good, pc is good, it's just the radeon settings program that keeps locking up. It feels like it freezes up when something happens with the tooltips and menus, maybe a timing thing or whatever. If I am quick about moving over buttons etc it seems to happen less often. Pretty annoying. I have to end task and reopen it each time.

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Supposed to be fixed in Adrenalin 2019 19.1.2: 
Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.1.2 Release Notes | AMD 


Fixed Issues

  • A toast message may intermittently popup incorrectly suggesting that a new driver upgrade is available.

Still having the same issue, installed 19.1.2 and update still popping up to install 19.1.1. If I install 19.1.1 I get notifications to install 19.1.1 (same driver again). So nothing is effectively fixed still, no matter what I do I still get notifications regardless.


Same here

[ 5800X3D | Aorus 6950XT | MSI B550 | H115i Pro | G.SKILL 32GB 3600Mhz | 850W Gold | Samsung Odyssey G7 240Hz | HP Reverb G2 (v2) ]

sur6e , sabodoll 

Yes same here I still see the notification in 19.1.2 when I start AMD Settings.
I am checking to see if turning Notifications off will prevent it, it didn't in 19.1.1.



The only issue I see is the wording of "New Recommended".

Most of us know that it is an advisory of the (last/previous/current WHQL) driver.

Maybe a thread should be started on what wording would appease all people, because removing it completely will stir another ants nest. 

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