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Evolving the Brand to Reflect our Vision: together we advance_

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I believe that the strength of a business and the strength of its brand move in a virtuous cycle. When you build your brand, you build your business and vice versa. That is why today I am excited to unveil our new brand campaign at this incredible place in AMD history: “together we advance_”.

The world of technology is evolving. AMD is too.

AMD has powerfully transformed in recent years – we achieved significant growth by evolving our business strategy and focusing the company on building the world’s best high-performance processors and graphics. While in the past we mainly focused on the PC and gaming segments, today we are an industry leader at scale with strong product portfolios for multiple large, diverse, and growing markets. Through our deep collaboration with our innovative partners, AMD technology now powers cloud services for billions of people, enables cutting-edge healthcare research, advances interplanetary science, and accelerates 5G data networks everywhere.

Our recent strategic acquisitions of Xilinx and Pensando bring new adaptive computing and networking capabilities that allow AMD to lead in new and important markets.

The world we operate in is also evolving. Algorithms continually advance, datasets get larger, and new technology standards emerge. It is clear high-performance and adaptive computing will enable the future of technology, and we have made that central to our business and strategy.

Now is the right time to evolve our brand to define who we are and what we aspire to be, ensuring we have a platform that supports our continued transformation in the years ahead. 


What we stand for

Our new brand platform, together we advance_, is true to our company DNA as well as our future aspirations.

Together is inclusive of the deep partnerships and collaborative approach with customers, partners, employees, and communities.

Advance is part of our company name and what we do. We push the limits of innovation to help solve the world’s most important challenges. And in our culture, AMD employees are focused on building leadership products that expand the boundaries of what is possible.

Our new brand identity

The arrow mark has been part of our logo for more than 50 years. The "up and to the right" trajectory symbolizes advancement and will become a more prominent brand asset.

The underscore in our tagline “together we advance_” is an intentional and important character symbolizing that there is always something to come next. 

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How the brand comes to life

All our communications will ladder up to the overarching brand platform – from corporate communications to product marketing, and employee communications.


This year AMD was named one of the five fastest-growing brands among the top 500 brands in the world by Brand Finance, and one of the most valuable brands in the world by Kantar BrandZ. And, with the introduction of “together we advance_”, we believe that we are just getting started.

This leadership brand could not have been built without the support of our partners, the determination of our employees, and the trust of our customers over the years. We did this together, and we’ll tackle future challenges through continued partnership.



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