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We’re thinking about joining Discord - cast your vote!

Hey Red Team,

In case you missed it – we’re thinking about exploring the realm of Discord and we’d like to hear what you think, so we’ve launched a poll!

You can vote by visiting the Gaming Discussions category where you’ll find it on the right side of the page. Let us know what you think!


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I like Discord, I use it of course all the time when I stream and to keep in contact with all my gaming friends. I am also part of a number of communities on discord, so AMD joining is a great idea.

However, I really like this community and this forum. I hope that adding Discord would not take away from the Red Team.

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Joining Discord would be great for all people that use Discord. It's simply more accessible. 

Adept I

Yes please do so. this would enable consumers to get notifications/updated in places they check daily vs weekly like Email.

Adept I

Discord adds value like screen sharing and group voice channels for sharing with live feedback. I vote YES! 

Adept I

I'm all for it, certainly never hurts to have more options IMO. 🙂


Excellent feedback everyone, thank you!

@Key-J , no worries, this community forum isn't going anywhere. Discord would just be an additional way for us all to communicate and hang out. 🙂 

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I think it'd be great to have AMD in discord.  One thing that would be nice is if im running into issues trying to build a new computer i could come there for some possible tech support


A Discord for AMD, eh? I dig it. Should definitely be the move.


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I do not have a need for Discord, It has a bad record.

I have no opinion on this issue. 

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

If this forum will remain same and Discord will an extra option for us. Then in my opinion you can got for it. 

Adept III

I'm actually surprised AMD''s not already. Everyone else is...

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Adept I

Do it !


I personally think it would be beneficial to have this content duplicated in Discord.  Personally, I am in Discord every day, and am far more likely to drop into the Red Team channel if I notice there are updates.

Adept III

What about Guilded as well?

There's a ton of features that a business would benefit from on it that are not available on Discord -- Calendars for big events, Forums, Groups for specialized parts of the company.

I do think that AMD should be on Discord, but I also think you should consider

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@Justifier wrote:

What about Guilded as well?

There's a ton of features that a business would benefit from on it that are not available on Discord -- Calendars for big events, Forums, Groups for specialized parts of the company.

I do think that AMD should be on Discord, but I also think you should consider

Thank you for the suggestion, that's something we'll look into! Also, welcome to the Red Team! 😊

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Hey there Ashley! 

I am a member of the Community Team at Guilded and I would be happy to help set you up with a Guilded server if you decide you are interested in exploring it! If you are, you're welcome to contact me here or you can find me on Twitter. I hope you have a good weekend and I wish you good luck with your new community adventures. 😄

Thank you as well to @Justifier for suggesting us. 💛

 @Ashley_AMD This is a stripped down version of how I imagine AMD being set up on Guilded, I'd have sent it in a DM, but either I'm incompetent, being unable to figure out how to do that on here, or it's not possible XD

BlogsBlogsIt's possible to mirror the setup here there, Groups features to separate the different sections as desired

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I don't use discord and have no real intentions of using it, but maybe it'll be of use to those who do


I have heard of Discord before and it seems to be quite popular but I am not very familiar with that format.


Can you post a "PRO" and "CON" concerning joining Discord?

That might be able to help those Users who are not that familiar with Discord to vote in your Poll intelligently.

Good feedback, @elstaci , thank you!

Discord has a different interface than this platform - it allows for instant messaging with additional features like voice calls, video calls, and more. With Discord we have the option to host different types of activities than we can here.

A pro for some people (hardware, software, and gaming enthusiasts in particular) may be that they already have and use Discord frequently, so it may be easier for some people to check in more regularly. Understandably, that isn't the case for everyone which is why this current community is here to stay. 

As for cons, I think that's a bit dependent on the user. I can totally understand if someone doesn't want to utilize an additional platform that they don't normally use on a regular basis, and there's always the chance that the Discord interface doesn't appeal to some people. 

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Thanks for the update.

So does that mean that Discord will have a AMD Forum category on it that will also show up here at AMD Forums?

In another words, If I were to post at Discord will it also show up here at AMD Forums ?

The point I am trying to make is how will Discord be physically connected to AMD Forums?


Bridging like that can be done, but it would most likely be one way (AMD forums showing up in Discord), and as the formatting of Discord is not at all similar or as feature rich as what it is on forums it would look quite sloppy and unprofessional.

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The Discord server will be relatively separate from the community space here. Meaning that no, anything/everything posted here or on Discord is not automatically posted on the other platform.

That being said, we are planning on cross-posting certain content to make sure that no one is missing out on anything fun or important because they're only on one platform.

So to answer your question, the connection would be specific content that we choose to post in both places. Examples of that content would be: the community management team posting a link on the Discord server to the Rig of the Month blog post, or you posting a question or discussion to both the forum and Discord if you felt like doing so. 🙂 

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Thank you, That was what I was asking about.


Thanks also for your input.

I'm late for this, I'm sorry.

But to be honest my opinion won't be very relevant, see... I don't use discord, but I'm intrigued.

I would like to see such a community like this there. Call me curious.

So why not 🙂 Let go for it!

I think you should totally go for it.Discord servers are easy to maneuver and have numerous cool features.

Adept I

I am rather surprise there was no official AMD discord server up until now it's a natural next step after making a Facebook brand page

What happened to the Discord server where AMD hosted their virtual LAN parties?

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The more places, the better for me. I would not mind strolling to the local grocery store and seeing an AMD advertisement or kiosk. Okay, maybe that is a little "too everywhere." Discord seems like a natural progression. Everyone has their favorite ways of communicating and sharing so being able to interact comfortably means happier AMD fans (us, not CPU or GPU).

Journeyman III

Can't find the poll as the links are cyclic back to this page so...

Maybe I missed the poll, but if any consolation be had then my vote is: YES. 

Think discord to be an excellent starting point for AMD branching out in the general user/consumer space at a more friendly, approachable manner. Would be awesome having an opportunity to hang out with you all (AMD) and fellow AMD enthusiasts learning and growing.

Hi @TheRaven , the poll is closed now, but your feedback is still appreciated and helpful! Thanks for taking the time to comment, and also - welcome to the Red Team! 


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Would be happy to join you in but not Discord, Discord has abandoned it's base among other things. Please consider Guilded > Discord.

I'm more interested in AMD joining NASA...


Consistent with Dr Su and co.'s vision of focusing on high-powered computing like data centers, and as a duly self-appointed honorary member of the Red Team - I want to hear news stories about the latest space probe - powered by AMD.


Alright, so this comment is a little tongue in cheek.  My point is this - with all the exciting development going on at AMD, focusing on consumer gaming seems a little trite in the grand scheme of things.  Hearing talk about supercomputers and data centers, helps me put my insignificant gaming habit into perspective.

EDIT :  oops, looks like AMD has already joined NASA...Screenshot 2022-07-04 200742.png


Now, my serious answer to your question...

I don't know anything about Discord; I've never used it.  If it's for marketing, and increasing brand awareness with gamers...perhaps sponsor some Twitch streamers who are enthusiastic about AMD instead?  You would already have a built in audience, without have to chase them down or do any promoting.  Plus, sponsoring some smaller streamers (like AMD-focused streams in exchange for free components/systems) would help them grow their channel with upgraded equipment and realize their aspirations.  So it would be a win-win.

If it's just for community, we already have that here.

With any platform, the question is - how are you going to let people know AMD is even there?  How do you attract an audience?  Just by telling us here?  Because, that's not going to translate into a very big Discord audience. 

It will take time, effort, and money to develop a presence on any platform, and will the cost outweigh the benefits...

Bottom Line : it's up to you, but I don't think it will be worth it.

Adept III

Sooo, its been ~3 months since this was posted, any updates?

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