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Adept I

Problem with environmental fog in tile rendering modus


I've got vertical stripes - see attached. png and blend file -  when tile rendering environmental fog and using machine learning denoise. The render engine seems to leave open stripes. 

The blend file is a 2.8.1 blend file.

Thank you so much for creating Prorender. This is a render engine that rivals the paid ones without any problem. 

The classroom demo scene also crashes by the way.

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Thanks.  I'll add this to the list.  You might want to try using the Blender built in denoiser in 2.81 which doesn't run on the GPU but in the case of fog might give better results.


Hi, please check my comment as well (at the bottom of the page). Thank you.


pastedImage_1.pngHi! That's the result of RX5700 XT and Tile render and

pastedImage_2.pngresults with GPU+CPU. Looks like you have issues with Multi-Devises, please, give more information about render setting for reproducing your bug. Thank you



I can confirm this issue occurs when rendering with multiple devices, such as CPU+GPU or on multi-GPU.
When using tile rendering, it becomes more apparent as you can see it more clearly.

Journeyman III

Hi, I have the same problem and I can get a little more specific. Setup is Blender 2.83.3 LTS, Radeon ProRender 2.4, Windows 10 64 bit freshly updated, newest Nvidia Studio Driver. Hardware is GTX 1060 6 GB + Ryzen 3900X + 16 GB RAM.

I happens with freshly created scenes as with older, converted ones. If I select rendering quality to full and render devices to only CPU, the fog object just stays completely transparent – aka it doesn't work. It makes no difference if I set to tiled render or not. And the rendering on the CPU is extremely slow as well. With Cycles on CUDA my CPU is faster than my GPU.

If I set the render devices to GPU only, the fog gets rendered as supposed. Again tiled rendering has no influence.

If I set render devices to CPU + GPU, I get the striped look. Tiled rendering just changes the pattern of the stripes.

It's a bit ironic, that the rendering works perfectly on that Nvidia card but not on my AMD CPU... 

I love this renderer and it would be awesome, if you could look into it and fix it. I am really tempted to buy an AMD GPU but I only can do that, if I have a working renderer. And while I like RPR, Cycles with Optix isn't too shabby as well...

Here some pictures. The sample count varies, that's on me, but doesn't matter.