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Journeyman III

Tearing (?) with Mobility Radeon 7500 and OpenGL

Tearing (?) with Mobility Radeon 7500 and OpenGL

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to build a video playing software with c++ and OpenGl.

The displaying works fine, but I got an annoying artifact. A constant (tearing?) cut. So the top of the frames are always one frame behind.

This cut is always there and always on the same line. I first thought, this could be a normal tearing effect and checked the vsync-settings in the driver menu, but it was "default on". I switch it to "always on", but without any improvement.


So I turned it "always off". With that, I can see random tearing effects all over the frames but no "default tearing cut" (that’s what I expected...).


I turned vsync "always on" and tried to play with some settings. The "default tearing cut" gets smaller, when I set the Windows XP Color  Depth to 16 Bit (instead of 32 Bit).


After that, I checked the MPlayer for artifacts and I got my "default tearing cut" in the MPlayer too, when using MPlayer with OpenGl.

Have anybody else saw something like this and can help me please?


My current ATI driver is the, but I tried different drivers even the free omega drivers...

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