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Journeyman III

ATIflash - AtiWinflash inquiry

Dear AMD,

I need to get in touch with development team of ATIflash/ATIwinflash.

The thing is I (and a lot of people) need to get EITHER source code of atiflash/atiwinflash OR help from AMD dev team. We need custom version of this flash tool with device id detection off.

This would help us to reflash our radeon cards back without the need to desolder video bios rom chips from pcb and reflashing them using hardware, thats of course if certain requirements are met.

Please respond, so we can discuss how to resolve this.

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Journeyman III

I got reply from AMD tech support via email. Partial quote concerning this topic is as follows:

As you might know, the tool Atiwinflash is not published by AMD, as such we are unable to provide the support for it.