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APU and GPU codenames, products, specs

Before a product is released, the internal code name for that product or technology frequently sees the light of day. e.g. Kaveri. After the product is released, it becomes or is part of "something else" like AMD A10. And of course AMD officially tries to NOT use codenames once we have a product name out there in the world.

Trying to figure out what's what can be a challenge. Someone may toss out a name like Beema or Hawaii. What is that, what product is it in? And likewise.... a Radeon R9.... what's in that?

Here are helpful links to "decoder ring" information that details which products contain which codenamed technology along with a good collection of technical specs.



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This is really detailed info about AMD Products.

But is there any AMD Official public site with this level of details? Because anyone can edit the Wikipedia pages, while the information revealed in AMD official site would be very authentic and only non-editable.

Not that I'm aware of.


We (AMD developers + community developers) maintain a decoder ring for open source driver devs at :


I tried keeping the Wikipedia pages up to date & correct but they change too fast. The site is generally just changed by folks working on the open source drivers.