Features of Stream SDK 1.2?

Discussion created by oscarbarenys1 on Sep 8, 2008
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seems that SDK 1.2 is coming this week..

can someone at AMD elaborate of what new features or examples to expect?

It has been said to support HD4xxx series and Vista..

Specifically what about this features:

1.Interoperability with graphics APIS: In presentations in a Siggraph course Houston showed that DirectX9 and DX10 interop is coming.. in 1.2? also what about OpenGL?   

2.Shared memory: In AMD H4xxx launch presentations AMD showed that this new gen. cards had improved stream features among others shared memory which seem similar to Nvidia CUDA shmem.. Will be exposed in 1.2?.. In CAL only or in Brook also..

3.Sinchronization primitives. As in CUDA.. seem to be apropiate once shared mem is exposed..

4. Atomic intrustions for accesing memory..

In my humble opinion (Sorry for saying so clear)  this three features seem to

be three major areas in which CUDA is superior to your SDK for computing..

(albeit it all now seem software deficiencies excepting perhaps atomic instructions)..

I want to express this as constructive opinions and I also am aware that your hardware for example for double precision computing is better than competition solutions..