Catalyst 8.9 - 8.10?

Discussion created by Methylene on Sep 4, 2008
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What can we hope for in terms of the stream sdk?

I realize that the next Stream SDK will be aiming support for catalyst 8.8... That's great!  I mean I've been spending the most part of the last 3 days trying to get an installation scheme that works with the 8.6 drivers for me.  I've actually gotten things mostly installed, but I'm getting an xcb assertion, one I actually got already when trying to run the CAL samples with 8.8.  This time it's occuring for fglrxinfo :'(.

At any rate, the intruduction of 1.2 and it supporting 8.8 will be wonderful, but I also realize ATI's support for the new X.Org 7.4 and X Server 1.5.0 will not come until release... However it looks like we will finally see release very shortly.

Of course I've found being on the bleeding edge in linux to be quite the hobby, and I'm hoping we will see support for 7.4 by November.  However it's early in the month, and a great present would be release this month.  However, with the likely amount of changes this will cause to the fglrx driver in order to support 7.4, I assume things might not go that quickly for Stream SDK support.

Do you expect X.Org 7.4 supporting fglrx drivers will break the up and coming version of the Stream SDK?  If so, when can we hope for support?

Furthermore, is there anywhere I can look to see the development road map for the Stream SDK?