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    Profiling Web Apps

      Can CodeAnalyst be used to profile Web Apps

      Is it possible to used CodeAnalyst to profile a Web App or Web Service? If so, how do you connect to the process? The session settings only permit the launch of an executable, rather than attaching to a plugin dll.

        • Profiling Web Apps
          CodeAnalyst provides system wide profile. It can profile program that is not launched from CodeAnalyst.

          In CodeAnalyst session setting dialog, you can leave the "launch" as blank and set a large number in "duration. You can launch your web app before or after profile - it does not matter much.

          If the web app is .NET based, you need to hook up with .NET profile by using
          set Cor_Enable_Profiling=0x1
          set COR_PROFILER={D007F1AC-DA06-4d68-BF47-E94790DD379F}
          as environment variable.