A suggestion to announce new Radeon HD 48xx models

Discussion created by avk on Sep 1, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2010 by avk
Why not?

Let's look at the current core frequencies:

4850: 625 MHz;
4870: 750 MHz.

As you can know, almost every hardware vendor striving to release its own designed cards, and the non-reference frequencies on them are not so seldom. So why not to let AMD/ATI to make more money by releasing another models of RV770?
Let's do some calculations :

750 (as 4870) / 625 (as 4850) = 1.2 times = 120%. What about these new models?:

4860 = 687.5 MHz (110%);
4880 = 812.5 MHz (130%);
4890 = 875.0 MHz (140%).

Of course, those new frequencies should not to be exactly (say -5%/+5%). Of course, the models with higher frequencies (4880, 4890) will be much more rare than ones with lower, but they will cost more money for the consumer and make more profit for the vendor!
You see that nVidia will release GeForce GTX 270 (yes, a middle of 260 and 280) very soon, and, IMHO, it will be a clever decision to breed more 48xx. Don't you think?