about brook+/CAL programming

Discussion created by Mikky on Sep 1, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2008 by ryta1203

I looked some AMD presentations about GPGPUs Firestream 9170/9250 and brook+/CAL.
I'm estimating the GPGPUs programming possibilities for DP (64-bit) floating point calculations.
The example of AMD Stream using -for addition of pair of  vectors - looks as simple.
Especially if I compare this source w/CUDA *.cu sources for matrix multiplication (sgemm from BLAS3), having 1000+ source lines.

But what is in reality for FireStream ?

So let me ask few "questions of beginner"

- Do I need to use CAL with brcc - or I may program using brook+/Stream w/o CAL knowledge ?
And if the answer is "you may use w/o CAL" - how will decrease the performance obtained ?

- Is there some free available source code examples  - a bit more difficult, than vectors addition (for example, for matrix multiplication) - which helps to understand the difficulty/amount of programming work/...

- Is the FireStream programming using brook+ (by some reasons) more simple than CUDA using ?