Freezes and memory overwrites on Linux

Discussion created by nberger on Aug 28, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2008 by nberger
I have built a framework for partial wave analysis based on brook. Under Windows, things are running fine and fast. Recently, I have tried migrating to Linux (Scientific Linux CERN 5.2, based on Red Hat Enterprise 5) recently. With Catalyst 8.6 I got everything up and running nicely. I have several example programs differing mainly in the size and amount of lookup tables, i.e. gather streams. While the smaller examples run fine, from a certain size on upwards (e.g. 7 2D tables with 8192x10 entries), I observe that kernel calls overwrite parts of the lookup tables, at least on two machines with 3870 cards. On my new machine with a 4870, things look ok. In addition, when I delete streams (I directly use the stream class), I can completely freeze the boxes with 3870 - they will neither respond to local nor ssh input, including ctrl-alt-backspace and ctrl-alt-delete. Again on the 4870 box this does not happen (even for considerably larger lookups). Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Any ideas of workarounds?