CAL on 4870x2

Discussion created by FirstTimeRight on Aug 19, 2008
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Hi all,

I'm new to this group, as I am to GPU programming. I do have some experience in assembler programming, though, on all sorts of CPUs and DSPs. Before I start a related project I would like to ask your advice.

I have this algorithm, nearest-neighbor search in high-dimensional spaces, which has a runtime in the order of months on our PC cluster, and which I would like to port to a GPU or multiple thereof. I have looked into the architecture of the 4870x2 (RV770) and it appears to be an ideal platform. I have installed the latest Brook and CAL SDKs, which, apparently, require some learning effort.

Now, what I would like to do is program the GPU on the assembler (ISA) level, including the use of the new "Local Data Share" and "Global Data Share" buffers.

I have read through some documentation, but it is unclear to me if the tools would support my plans. In particular, there is no RV770 ISA document and the GSA wouldn't produce any RV770 code. Furthermore, I have read statements from R. Koduri that the support for CAL would be dropped in the near future.

So this leaves me wondering: given the current tool set, do I have a chance to finish this project?  Are there any updates in the very near future I would have to wait for? Are my plans unrealistic anyway? Any advice/opinion is highly appreciated.

Thanks, later