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    does the latest fglrx support pbo ?


      Hi, I tried to execute code that using pbo but it failed (this code can run with nvidia card). If I remove pbo, it works. my machine : AMD Phenom 9750, ati 4850, RAM 4GB, OS Kbuntu X86 8.04 thank you.
        • does the latest fglrx support pbo ?

          I've got similar problem with geometry shader. I use fglrx module too (ati-drivers-8.501). When I run glxinfo, it shows that the geomatry_shader is not supported (no GL_EXT_GEOMETRY_SHADER4). When I run my code (using glew) it shows that geometry shader is supported but when I use a function of this extension it returns segmentation fault. I'm using Gentoo 2007 x86_64, Radeon HD4850. Thank you.