valgrind'ing CAL and Brook+

Discussion created by rafal.lewczuk@gmail.com on Aug 10, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2008 by michael.chu
lots of error messages and some leaks but many of them can be false alerts


Checking CAL/Brook+ programs with valgrind memory checker generates tons of error messages (some memory leaks are also detected). While I recognize that CAL runtime may use many non-standard (as for ordinary C programs) memory management/access mechanisms (like memory mapped I/O, DMA etc.) and these can be overlooked by memory checker, I'm curious if CAL has been checked for memory errors.

A trivial program calling calInit() and calShutdown() generates some about 20k messages and two small memory leaks. Brook+ samples typically generate twice as much. It would be nice to check if there are real errors and eventually provide a suppress file for false alerts. Valgrind is a good tool for checking C/C++ programs against many flavours of hidden bugs.

BTW, is it possible to set up some bug tracker for CAL SDK and Brook+ ? I have few (suspected) bugs in CAL compiler itself and I suppose that many other developers do. A public bug tracker would provide much more feedback to Stream Team