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    printf() function inside kernel


      CUDA allows printf() function inside kernel in emulation mode. But it doesn't seem to be the case for Brook. I think debugging is very hard without this.

      I am wondering how you debug Brook other than printing before and after streamRead() and streamWrite().

        • printf() function inside kernel

          I've been wondering the same.  Some print routine would seem to be essential for debugging!


          • printf() function inside kernel

            You can simply use printf (or cout) in the generated cpp file. It will be overwritten the next time you run brcc, but that's not a big problem if you want the output only for debugging purposes. It would be nice though if one could somehow pass c++ commands directly into the cpp file, bypassing brcc.


              • printf() function inside kernel
                I'll ask the Brook+ team to look into adding printf() support for CPU backend debugging.

                • printf() function inside kernel


                  Originally posted by: josopait You can simply use printf (or cout) in the generated cpp file. Ingo


                  Could  You tell me how to do that? I compile brook file then add

                  std::cout << si.swizzle1(maskX) << " " << si.swizzle1(maskY) << " " << si.swizzle1(maskZ) <<'\n' ;

                  in void __SAD3D_cpu_inner function.

                  I put break point on cout line and it seems that this function isn't run because program doesn't stop on it.

                  My steps:

                  1) Compilation br file.

                  2) Adding line in generated cpp

                  3) Compilation cpp

                  4) Linking project

                  I use Brook 1.01 Driver 8.8 WinXp 32bit.

                  I realize that other sample programs  doesn't debug either so it may be not problem of my code insertion at all.


                  I found that there is an enviroment variable need to be set  BRT_RUNTIME = cpu , but I don't know where to do it so?


                  I use VS 2005 - Where can I set the variable?

                  I also found it

                  It has to be set in Windows enviroment variables