Using 4850/4870 for computation with non-4870 gpu for display

Discussion created by jchapman on Aug 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2008 by michael.chu
Can I use a 4850 based board strictly for computation while another board handles display?

This doesn't seem to be in the FAQ.

I want to get my feet wet in stream computing and a 4850/4870 based board seems like a good start while keeping the budget modest. My question is can I install it into a motherboard that has another display controller - say a motherboard with AMD690/790 on board graphics - and use the 4850 strictly for computation and the other processor strictly for display?

Does the SDK facilitate this? I assume I would have to stop Windows/Linux from grabbing the 4850 as a second display? Or do I let the OS grab it but just be access it for computation?

I suppose another way of putting this is:

1. If I use a 4850 for computation will it play nice with other series boards that are used for the primary display controller? and

2. In the proposed scenario will it play nice with any other recent AMD based graphics controller or would it have to be another 4850, or otherwise be restricted in some way?