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    Performance Metrics in Shader Analyzer (GSA)


      I am very curious how shader analyzer(GSA) computes the ratio(ALU:TEX), bottleneck, Min, Max, and Avg cycles.

      I don't understand why ration(ALU:TEX) is 29.32 when ALU count is 11 and TEX count is 2. And why GSA say it is ALU bound.

      Is there any place I can get more information on each column in GSA other than tool tips being showed when I move the mouse on it?


        • Performance Metrics in Shader Analyzer (GSA)

          The ALU:TEX ratio is the expected ALU and TEX instruction ratio (it takes into account flow controls and loops).   Thus, it can be different than taking the ratio of the number of  ALU and TEX instructions in the shader.    If the ALU:TEX ratio is greater than 1, then TEX instructions are not the bottleneck (it could be ALU or other type of instructions).