What exactly do the numbers in a CALdomain mean?

Discussion created by sgratton on Jul 31, 2008
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Two different codes need two different interpretations

Hi there,

I wonder if anybody else has come up against the following. I have two different CAL/IL programs, each of which runs kernels on multiple subdomains of a domain. To get each program to work as intended, a given CALdomain {a,b,c,d} seems to have to mean a different thing, either:

A: a,b the coords (in the main domain) of the top-left corner of the subdomain, and c,d the subdomain's width and height


B: a,b the coords (in the main domain) of the top-left corner of the subdomain and c,d the coords (in the main domain) of the subdomain's bottom right corner.

(The topleft corner has to be away from 0,0 to see any difference!)

The first case uses regular input and output buffers whereas the second one outputs to a global buffer only. Otherwise there doesn't seem to be any major difference between the programs.

Has anybody else seen such behaviour? (It is very confusing.) From the names of the fields in cal.h I think interpretation A is the intended one. So is behaviour B an issue relating to having no regular output buffers?