pygwa - python bindings for CAL library

Discussion created by rafal.lewczuk@gmail.com on Jul 29, 2008
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available at sourceforge.net


While learning about GPGPU and data parallelism I implemented a set of Python bindings for AMD CAL library. Project seeks for more general data-parallelism related topics but currently CAL interface is (mostly) all of its functionality. This is a first release (or rather a rudimentary development snapshot), so expect it to be a (somewhat incomplete) toy rather than a well thought-out, industrial strength library . While it may not feature a decent performance nor API stability, it is a good tool to learn about IL language or figure out (un)documented parts of the language - it lets implementing GPU-aware programs as simple Python scripts.


You can find project page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/pygwa. A tarball with source code is now available at downloads section (there is no version control due to technical reasons - SVN service at sourceforge crashes for unknown reason, I hope it will be solved soon).


This code has been implemented on Ubuntu 8.04/amd64 and Radeon 4850 card. It wasn't tested on other platforms, particularly not on Windows. After unpacking look at README file for build instructions. Suggestions, bug reports and feature requests are welcome.