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    Problems with integer arithmetic in kernel code



      I have the following kernel:

      void Test(int Input<>,  out int Output<>

          int x = (int)0x80000000;

          Output = x;

      After execution of this kernel at Output array I have 0x00000000.

      If initialize x with (int)0x40000000, than at Output I have 0x40000000.

      If inizialize x like this:

      x = (int)0x40000000;

      x = x << 1;

      that at Output I have 0x80000000.

      It initialize x with any value with 1 at last bit, I have 0x00000000 at Output

      Is it a bug?

      My system is Winwos XP (32bit), Radeon HD 3850, SDK 1.1

      Thanks for the help,

      Alexander Shkurko