newbie: fglrx driver dreadfully slow - is this normal and does it affect GPGPU performance?

Discussion created by theo.borm on Jul 24, 2008
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Scientific linux 5.2 - HD4xxx - what can be done?


Bought a test rig and installed SL 5.2 (RHEL 5.2 community rebuild sponsored by CERN/Fermilab ). Installation of frglx went well, both version 8.49 (supplied with sdk) and 8.51. However moving around windows and scrolling is dreadfully slow, glxgears < 1300 fps AND regularly crashes Xorg (7.1.1). no compiz in sight.

This doesn't make me very optimistic about using this OS/card combination in a production system, so before I invest more time into configuring this setup I have a few questions:

0) Did i miss something obvious?

1) Does anyone have similar experiences with SL 5.2/RHEL 5.2 and is this an issue that can easily be resolved?

2) Is it possible to still use the card without using fglrx driver (it performs better as a vesa-fb device) or not being the primary display adapter?

3) does anyone have experience/tips for use with Suse 11 (seems supported)?