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    Problems with streamScatterOp



      I'm testing Brook on a 4870 (LINUX64, Catalyst 8.6, SDK 1.01).

      While the streamScatterOp(destination_stream, index_stream, input_stream, op) works fine if all three streams have the same size, I get the following run time error, if index_stream and input_stream are of the same size, but have less elements than destination_stream:

      jac: brt.cpp:891: void __streamGatherOrScatterOp(brook::StreamInterface*, brook::StreamInterface*, brook::StreamInterface*, void (*)(void*, void*), bool): Assertion `index_dmax - index_dmin == dst_dmax - dst_dmin' failed.

      Is this behavior intended? If so, the AMD Brook specification does not mention anything about this restriction.


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