DX9, OpenGL, CAL, etc.

Discussion created by HScottH on Jul 18, 2008
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What are the fundamental differences between these approaches to GPGPU?


I've just attended a lecture by Dr. David Luebke from nVidia and learned about CUDA and their approach to GPGPU.

I asked some questions about level of support, etc., and have some follow-ons I'd like to ask here.

Clearly, the popular languages have great value in Science, Engineering and Academia. But, it still looks like the best approach for building consumer-level GPGPU software for the market of heterogeneous GPU's is either DirectX or OpenGL. This approach can provide support for most cards made after about 2002 (accepting, of course, the performance and accuracy differences).

But, I wonder if there are disadvantages to this approach, other than a slightly higher level of development complexity.

Does Brook or CAL interact with the hardware in ways that are unattainable from a graphics API? Are there hardware features or optimizations that I cannot access through the graphics API's?

Any related thoughts or ideas would be appreciated :-)