TootleFastOptimize parameters

Discussion created by MakKlaski on Jul 12, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2008 by bpurnomo
Too confusing

Hello, I don't understand the logic of TootleFastOptimize's parameters.

In source comments:
- pnIB The input index buffer: 3 unsigned int per triangle, it has to be in CCW order.
- eFrontWinding The winding order of front-faces in the model.
Are these two in conflict? Why do I need to specify pnIB in CCW order, if I can specify order in eFrontWinding??
Anyway, if I load raw data from Microsoft X format (created with Panda exporter), can I just enter this raw data and specify TOOTLE_CW in eFrontWinding (in X format front is CW, because CCW is the default cull mode in DirectX)? Need some explanation here!